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Titanic Denim

Titanic Denim is a Multi Award Winning Luxury Sustainable Denim Brand based in Belfast. We practice reversing the fast fashion system that is having a negative impact on our delicate world. We are committed to working together to help global challenges like climate change and fast fashion pollution through our regeneration approach and circular design.

We started our journey in a small workshop down at the Belfast Docks, right beside the Titanic Museum, where the actual Titanic Ship was built.

Titanic Denim has been using reclaimed denim and textiles to create luxury bespoke designs for many years.. Sustainable and circular design has been the heart of our company from the beginning. Over 350,000 tonnes of used but still WEARABLE clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year contributing to Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change.

As jeans are recognised as the LEAST ECO-FRIENDLY clothing item to produce, we felt a need to play our part in this environmental crisis and rescue as many pairs as possible from landfill, resuscitate them and transform them into luxury sustainable designs.