Restock your wardrobe with a fresh look at our swap SHOP!

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Swapping is a great way to let your items live for their full potential - you may be bored of the items but others may find joy in your items.

Through swaps, you can find this season’s trends as trends are cyclical. Whilst the planet’s resources are finite, your creativity and style are limitless.

Have a constantly changing wardrobe without buying new.
Global clothing production has approximately doubled in the past 15 years whereas clothing usage has decreased by about 36% in that same period. Developed countries are the worst offenders (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017) – we can’t continue as business as usual.

So how does it work & how can I get involved?

Taking part in the Swap Shop couldn’t be easier. It’s a great way to refresh your wardrobe without having to spend any money! All you’ve got to do is register below and decide what you’re going to bring but remember, you’ll need to purchase tickets to the show in order to participate.


Your Swap Items

Bring 5 of your finest items including shoes and accessories to our check in located at the NEC Birmingham outside Hall 3A near the stairs to Birmingham International Station.

You may begin dropping your items on Sept 19th between the hours of 4 pm and 7 pm.

Alternatively, you may bring your items on the days of the event (Sept 21 & 22) from 10am pm to 1 pm.

We recommend you drop them before as entry to the swap will be granted on a first dropped first served basis!

Each item accepted will receive a credit in exchange (Swappers can bring an unlimited number of clothing items, but will receive a maximum of 10 tokens)

The tokens are your currency for ‘purchasing new items’ at the swap.

If your items are not suitable for swapping you can either take them back or leave with us to recycle


Browse the Swap Collection

On the days of the event September 21 and 22, you are granted access to browse the swap shop.


Checkout with your new Items

Once you have chosen your items, go to the check out and you have managed to update your wardrobe guilt free without spending a penny!

swap rules

  • Items should be clean, folded or pressed.
  • ​Items should be of good quality with a long potential lifespan Items likely to be valued by others – ask yourself, would I be happy to give this item to a friend?
  • ​Items should be free of faults or with minor faults that are easy to repair (for example, a missing button).
  • ​No underwear or swimwear.
  • ​Ultimate discretion is ours as to whether or not items are accepted into the swap.
  • ​If your items are not accepted into our swap, we will facilitate recycling for you through our chosen partner if you choose not to take back the item.

register now