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Ashley Jess Knight

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Ashley Jess Knight is a Woven Textile, Fashion & upcycle designer based in South East London. Her work is easily recognisable for her use of bright colours, varied textures, and brand ethos of ‘Happy Design’.

Ashley is passionate about sustainability and is always looking at creating as little environmental impact as possible with her designs. Through using deadstock yarns and fabrics, upcycling, and Zero waste design in her aim to work within sustainable production and create long luxury products.

Ashley runs her namesake Joyful Jacket brand of upcycled & Handwoven Jackets, made from a variety of upcycled materials such as discarded bridal, second-hand garments & deadstock materials, turning them into unique and joyful outerwear such as waistcoats and jackets.
Alongside her design work, Ashley also runs Upcycling workshops & has run workshops for organisations such as the British Textile Biennial, Arts for Dementia & Council of Culture. She also speaks on panels about sustainability & upcycling alongside her own experience in her creative field.
Ashley uses the inspiration of nostalgia to try to trap memories and sensations into her textiles, inspired to tell a backstory through her work through her design choices. She uses bright bold colours, varied textures, and a sense of play and exploration, with what has been described as a ‘Tongue and cheek’ or eccentric style.