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Check out the incredible creativity of upcycling artisans

Are you a trend-setter? Do you treasure one of a kind pieces that tell a story and catch attention? Check out the incredible creativity of upcycling artisans exhibiting at The Good Clothes Show.

Imagine a fashion line that doesn’t produce clothing, a la Stuart Trevor,  a pair of worn ragged jeans that are mended, patched and embellished back to life as a new statement piece, or even household items refashioned as wearable art by the likes of Scarlett Hawkes of Afrayed Upcycing.

Restructuring dated and unwearable clothing into new and current designs is one of the many creative ways that talented artisans are reimagining the future of fashion.

Upcycled clothes are transformed through alteration or embellishment, or completely deconstructed, the fabric being repurposed for new patterns and designs, or combined with other items to create one of a kind treasures that will become the most cherished pieces in your wardrobe.

Reuse diverts fabric and clothing waste from landfill, simultaneously reducing demand for new fabrics and the industrial impact of the fashion industry on people and planet.

Shop upcycled at The Good Clothes Show, or book your space at one of our incredible workshops and turn yourself into a master upcycler! The possibilities are endless, join us in the fun!