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Looking for great pieces and great prices?

Do you need a specific style in the perfect colour that you just can’t seem to find? You need to shop pre-loved fashion and The Good Clothes Show is the place to go for high quality pre-loved choices. Visit industry leaders like We Are. Preloved Fashion, Second Hand Styling or Designer Kids Club to name just a few.

The world is truly taking notice of the benefits of shopping pre-loved clothing. Global sales of pre owned clothes increased by 18% last year to 197 billion (£156 billion) and are predicted to reach $350 billion in 2028. 

Shopping pre-loved clothing increases access to a wide range of style options, old and newer lines including vintage picks and luxury items, often at reduced price points. 

Finding new homes for unwanted and unworn clothing reduces the need for the production of new items, minimizes the negative industrial impact on people and planet, and prevents items from heading to landfill. 

Keeping fashion items in circulation longer ensures availability of options for future generations of vintage enthusiasts and contributes to the establishment of a circular fashion sytem.

Shop pre-loved at The Good Clothes Show, level up your look or style a new one and join the movement to re-shape the future of fashion!