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Bailey Bag

My Nan was a tailor and my mum designed and made theatrical costumes. So, as I grew up I developed a love and knowledge of fabric, a love of design and an understanding of how colour creates impact. Therefore it was inevitable that I became a ‘sewist’ too.

Bailey Bag has been established in the heart of the British upholstery manufacturing industry. It was whilst viewing furniture in a factory showroom that I wandered into a large room, that was floor to ceiling full of fabric, after a discussion about this, I left with fabric and not furniture. And in that moment the idea of Bailey Bag was born.

I was astonished by how much waste there is at the point of manufacture; as a global nation we need to change this. We cannot keep leaving behind more and more waste. Climate change has happened.

So one person, with one table and one sewing machine is making one bag at a time using this dead stock fabric. Putting this fabric that is no longer needed to good use.

My aim is to produce a bag that is elegant and timeless using quality materials. The Bailey Bag is a bag that has a distinctive look, which appeals to the woman who likes to make a statement, that likes to have style; but it is also a bag that is practical for the demands of modern life.

Being Ethical And Responsible is at the heart of Bailey Bag. And these core values are always referred back to when making a decision and has also given Bailey Bag its distinctive logo.

I hope you enjoy viewing the Bailey Bag store and I know you will love your Bailey Bag.

Pauline Bailey