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By Chand

Jyoti Chand is the creative force behind By Chand creations. Coming from a lineage of textile artists and manufacturers, Jyoti has been immersed in the world of textile design since her childhood. Self-taught, she has developed her skills by experimenting with learning a multitude of stitches, writing knitwear design patterns, and learning colour theory and styling. In 2019, she attended a workshop that introduced her to the basics of macramé knots, inspiring her to explore and develop a diverse range of macramé products.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by Jyoti, showcasing her commitment to authenticity and uniqueness. Handmade items possess a charm that mass-produced products often lack. Jyoti’s designs prominently feature chunky wool or cord, resulting in striking statement pieces that command attention. By Chand textile designs are made to last and all materials used are high-quality and sustainable, where possible. 

By Chand textile designs are characterised by their bold and vibrant colours, influenced by Jyoti’s Indian heritage and extensive travels throughout India. Jyoti finds inspiration in the vivid colour palettes showcased in Bollywood cinema and firmly believes that fashion should make a lasting impression—boldness is her mantra.

The vibrant colour palettes she employs evoke a sense of nostalgia for her roots. In India, colour permeates every aspect of life, and Jyoti seeks to imbue her designs with that same vibrancy. Now, calling Edinburgh her home, Jyoti encourages others to embrace statement pieces that infuse more colour into their wardrobes and homes.