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Cate Victoria

My Story

A creative director and founder of Cate Victoria currently living between the UK, India, Nepal and now regularly visiting Mongolia. I have trusted in my journey to source some of the best fibres nature can offer. I am always astonished with the quality I come across – so I can offer back to the world certified fibres with integrity.

Now environmentally driven to work alongside producers and consumers to bring about some change – with the aim to nourish and inspire a more transparent community of creatives who want to learn as they go and value traceable natural fibres and textiles made with compassion for our planet and people.

I aim to bridge a gap between production and consumption and to go on to facilitate transparent and responsible supply chains for designers and brands with complete confidence of my sources.

I want to meet the brands and designers who need to build a traceable system with integrity and heart, and who want to study their supply chains responsibly.

Together we can sharpen our awareness to bring more beauty into the world.