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Denim Library


With a lifelong passion for great jeans and a 30 year career working with one of the world’s  best known denim brands, I truly understand the love we all have for our ‘favourite’ jeans – the best quality denim, the perfect wash, beautifully worn in, and versatile enough for any occasion.

Our favourite jeans have personality, stories to tell, secrets to keep, and make us feel great. With care, our favourite jeans seem to last forever.

But aware of the harm done to our planet by ‘disposable fashion’ (the manufacture of every new pair of jeans uses 2,000 gallons of water), I have long had the idea of creating a sustainable alternative to owning those forever jeans – those iconic brands and fits that we all love.

I wanted to create a ‘library’ where denim lovers could browse and find those amazing jeans, pre-loved, pre-worn, and ready for their next chapter. I wanted to create a place where customers can help in our small way to reduce the 350,000 tonnes of good clothing every year being put into landfill.

So in 2021 Denim Library was founded.

And just because we know that those favourite jeans are often worn best with the ultimate t-shirt, I have designed and had made in the UK my very own 100% organic Supima cotton ‘The Unpublished Tee’ which I know you’ll love as much as your jeans.