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Hopetown + Hunter

Nestled in a cozy corner of Berwick upon Tweed is the Hopetown & Hunter workshop and show room.

Creative director, maker and owner Lindsey Hunter crafts extraordinary jewellery, predominantly necklaces with passion and love. Her eye for the unique coupled with her endless patience trawling antique markets both in Europe and here in the uk, makes for one off ‘artworks’.

A clockwork frog, a pair of child’s shoes, and an abacus are just a few amongst her amazing curiosity’s that are magically spun into truly wearable pieces. They shouldn’t work, but oh they so do!

Sensitively restored and coupled with high end beads and other fixings each piece is expertly married together to form an item to be treasured and loved.

“I love a bit of mischief and nothing pleases me more than to make a necklace out of what appears unmakeable.”

No two pieces are the same and there are no repeats.