What Does the Future of Fashion Look Like?

Find your own unique style, shop the best brands in the UK and meet the artisans and innovators designing a new look for fashion. 

20.21.22. SEPT 2024 / NEC BIRMINGHAM


What does a circular system for fashion look like? Join the fun to find out! Recycle, REMAKE and RESTYLE the stuff you already own, or shop curated treasures from vintage to new purpose driven brands. 

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Check out our Main Stage for fireside chats and great conversations with amazing people who are leading change in the fashion industry and pursuing a brighter future for all of us.

latest UPDATE

Roberta Lee Joins the Styling Team at The Good Clothes Show

Roberta has been a pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion since 2015, advocating for mindful clothing consumption and empowering individuals to make ethical wardrobe choices. As a stylist, speaker and founder of @ethicalbranddirectory, she champions outfit repetition, re-use, repair and restyling as positive practices.