Roberta Lee Joins the Styling Team at The Good Clothes Show

Exciting collaboration alert! ✨🌿

The latest fabulous collab in our line-up The Good Clothes Show is with sustainable stylist Roberta Lee!

Roberta has been a pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion since 2015, advocating for mindful clothing consumption and empowering individuals to make ethical wardrobe choices. As a stylist, speaker and founder of @ethicalbranddirectory, she champions outfit repetition, re-use, repair and restyling as positive practices.

Her passion for sustainability shines through in her commitment to collaborating with ethical and sustainable brands, promoting vintage, upcycled and preloved fashion.

Roberta believes in the transformative power of personal style, using it as a tool for empowerment and inspiring lasting change within the fashion industry.

Join us this September and look out for booking a styling session with @robertastylelee…launching soon!

Stay tuned for more updates on our re:Style Lounge including booking and details. Coming soon!