Mikey Caunter

Speaker & Entrepreneur - Peekaboo Marketplace

Mikey has worked in sustainable fashion for over three decades. After studying fashion and organising a collaborative fashion show for his 6th form project a move to London sparked the set-up, with his then partner, of a stall at the world-famous Portobello Road vintage market selling the best curated & hand-picked vintage finds. During a span of 9 years the Peekaboo brand gathered a regular fan base and media coverage leading to an invite to become the main vintage supplier for Topshop & Topman. This pioneering move brought vintage out of the markets and onto the High Street for the first time.

With an excess of high-end designer vintage pieces, the decision to open a stand-alone store was inevitable. The Carnaby street Peekaboo store opened in July 2011 leading to a number of pop-up shops and events all over London.

Taking the brand to a new level Mikey took Peekaboo online with the launch of a website and by joining ASOS further helping to bring vintage to a wider audience.

Understanding the need for consumers to switch their shopping habits to a more sustainable way, Mikey has been pushing sustainability within the fashion industry throughout his career. He has been working on a new project for the last four years and created a collaborative platform for global vintage & sustainable fashion brands to sit next to each other online. The Peekaboo Sustainable Marketplace has been growing fast and currently has over 40 brands from around the world, bringing like minded partners together in this ethical movement with the hope to cause a change in the fashion industry that is long overdue.

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